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Why I take Calcium D-Glucarate

I first started taking Calcium D-Glucarate a few years ago when I was interested in boosting my detoxification pathways and supporting my menstrual cycle.

CDG has a unique ability to bind to a variety of chemicals and toxins in the body. This allows toxins and excessive hormones to be easily excreted, thus avoiding reabsorption through the gut into the body.

The detoxification benefits of Calcium D-Glucarate are a particular benefit for the liver. By helping the body actually excrete metabolized toxins and hormones, the demands on your liver are greatly reduced and the liver can do its job (detoxification).

This in turn protects against the re-uptake of metabolized hormones by the digestive system. When the body makes excess estrogen, this can be reabsorbed by the body causing Estrogen Dominance. CDG helps to breakdown estrogen and supports its excretion, allowing for more efficient hormone regulation and healthier estrogen and androgen levels.

CDG not only removes toxins and excess estrogen, it also decreases your LDL cholesterol, and assists in protein digestion. For those with a high protein diet, this can be especially beneficial as this diet can come with the byproduct of excess ammonia which can burden the kidneys.

I have a favorite CDG in my Supplement Store under the Essentials category. I also offer 20% off all supplements after a personalized 30-minute supplement consultation. Here, I will review your medical and diet history and offer supplement recommendations.

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