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How to choose the right Probiotic?

Many people ask me which probiotic they should take. The truth is, I can’t actually make the best recommendation without a stool test. Stool tests demonstrate the diversity of the microbiome and show which strains you are deficient in.

Generally speaking, I recommend rotating your probiotics. Switch from those that generally contain mostly Lactobacillus (as we usually get enough from yogurt and fermented foods) and look for those that have higher amounts of Bifidobacterium, especially if you suffer from IBS symptoms. Probiotics with Saccharomyces Boulardii are also good for the rotation, as this supports healthy yeast growth in the microbiome.

Soil-based probiotics are also essential. We tend to have fewer of these organisms in our gut, as they are missing from our depleted soil. As a society, we tend to clean our fruits and vegetables very well, not leaving any of those soil-based organisms.

I have a few favorites probiotics in my Supplement Store under the Gut Reset category. I also offer 20% off all supplements after a personalized 30-minute supplement consultation. Here, I will review your medical and diet history and offer supplement recommendations.


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