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Not All B12 Supplements are Created Equal

B12 supplementation is something I use often in my practice. Even a mild deficiency can present itself as fatigue, brain fog, muscle weakness, numbness, tingling, depression, migraines/headaches, low blood pressure, and poor sleep.

So, why do so many people suffer from B12 deficiency? One explanation is that it’s been depleted from our soil which is where B12 is made by bacteria. Farmers even supplement their soil with B12 as this is such an essential vitamin. Another explanation is that B12 is more available from animal sources, making it difficult to get for those choosing a plant-based eating approach. And finally, anyone who has difficulty with absorption due to any gastrointestinal conditions such as Crohn's disease, celiac, colitis, acid reflux, etc. will find it difficult to have adequate B12 levels.

B12 is involved in several essential processes in the body such as transporting oxygen, DNA synthesis and repair, metabolism, and cellular energy production. It's no surprise when my clients start feeling so much better and report sustained energy with supplantation.

There are many ways to test your B12 levels. The most sensitive is with a methylmalonic acid (MMA) urine test which I routinely use in my practice. An even easier way to know if you're deficient is to take B12 and see if it gives you more energy. But keep in mind, the energy you get from B12 is not the same energy you get from caffeine. There is no buzz but rather a more calm and sustained feeling.

Additionally, your body can only absorb a finite amount per meal or drink, so it’s better to spread out your dose throughout the morning. I like using a tincture with a high dose of the active forms like those found in Qultured B12 from Quantum Nutrition Labs (QNL).

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