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Hello, I’m Bianca

Welcome to Bianca’s Healthy Kitchen!

A little about me: I was born in Iran and have lived most of my life in Los Angeles eating healthy and traditional Persian meals. I first started cooking at the age of 13 by watching Martha Stewart and Bobby Flay before there was ever a Food Network. My mom was also a great influence in the kitchen, and I am only now developing her recipes in my cooking.

My early exposure to Western food left a poignant image in my mind. I remember my parents telling me not to eat artificial foods and flavors because it would cause cancer. This early education led me to categorize food as bad or good and taught me to demonize food and impacted my eating habits. Later, I realized this cultural influence also impacted how I eventually viewed the power of nutrition and foods to nourish, heal, and bring people together.

My constant hunger and love for food propelled my career in hospitality and the culinary arts. My first job was apprenticing in the fine-dining kitchen at the Ritz Carlton. Many pounds were gained as I ate some of the most decadent foods by working in the finest F&B circles.

In my late twenties, I became overweight and deeply unhappy and decided to change my life. I asked myself what I really wanted to do, and I was able to find the courage to pursue a career as a Registered Dietitian, my dream job.

As a dietetics student, I was unstoppable. I absorbed any and all nutrition information, analyzed research, and always looked for the truth among all the nutrition misinformation.

What I learned is that there is no truth, no one way, no plan that works for all. It’s a JOURNEY! I believe it’s your life’s work to decode this one body, this vessel that you have. Find what helps you be better at life!

My mission is to inspire! Inspire through my recipes, my cooking techniques, and my knowledge and work with various diets and supplements to support optimal health and brainpower.

I love, love, love food. If you have followed me over the years, you know that I savor the experience of dining, cooking, and eating. I have a deep desire to share how to create healthy food without sacrificing taste and making a nutritious lifestyle effortless, mindful, and more accessible to a larger audience.


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