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The biggest fasting mistakes I see in my practice…

I can tell you from first hand experience the common mistakes made while learning the ropes of fasting.

  1. Not planning your meals – poor planning and attention to eating the right foods to properly refuel your body

  2. Not using a fasting app. I like Zero and Window to track fasting and eating windows. This holds you accountable.

  3. Not eating enough at your last meal – It’s important to have a substantial meal before you close your eating window. Many people restrict too much hoping to shed extra pounds. You may end up extra hungry the next day and have lower energy levels.

  4. You don’t listen to your body – many patients ignore their bodies when they start feeling weak or dizzy during the fast. Adapting to fasting takes time and you should give yourself some grace. It’s ok to listen to your body and eat something.

  5. Your drink has flavor or sweetener – having lemon water or a splash of almond milk or Splenda in your coffee or any deviation from water, unsweetened/unflavored tea or coffee will break the fast.

  6. Not drinking enough water – caffeine is dehydrating and should not be counted as water. You will need 2-4 liters/day based on your body weight.

  7. Extended fasting during your menstrual cycle or ovulation – this is a time where your body is creating extra hormones and doesn’t need the added stress of an extended fast.

  8. Quitting – IF is hard and takes practice like anything else. Staying committed will take you to your goals and push your body to drop weight.

  9. Not tailoring IF to your lifestyle – many patients have a love-hate relationship to IF. If you don’t use the right approach to fit it into your lifestyle and schedule, it can be something you will stay committed to doing.

  10. Going into it too hard – I recommend starting with a 12-hour window and increasing it by 30 – 60 minutes per week to find the right window for your lifestyle.

If you need guidance and support beginning the IF journey, feel free to contact me for a free discovery call.


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